Here is the Follow-up Workout Program (PHASE 3), carried on from PHASE 2, for those of you who have completed the previous 4 weeks. It is a 1-week workout plan to be repeated for 4 weeks to gain maximum results & get used to these particular movements.


We would still like you to complete the Mobility Warm Up before you begin each workout (video below), to make sure that your muscles & joints are primed prior to the workout, also minimising the risk of injury.


Focus on quality over quantity. If it says to do ten reps, but you can only manage 6, that's fine. Just make sure that they are your best quality 6 reps!


If you have any questions, please contact us at info@phase6fitness.com / DM on Instagram @steph.rose.phase6. 

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Steph & Jay



Monday: Lower Body Focus

Tuesday: Upper Body Focus

Wednesday: Kettlebell Focus

Thursday: Bodyweight/Mobily

Friday: Full Body Conditioning

Saturday: Day Off

Sunday: Active Recovery


(To be performed before each workout)

Before you start, get into your Tall Neutral Stance;


. Feet Hip Distance Apart

. Push feet into the floor, actively trying to spread the ground apart

. Soften Knees

. Tuck your Pelvis Under, Tailbone Down

. Draw Ribs Down

. Proud Chest

. Shoulders Down & Back

. Lift Through the Crown

Pelvic Tilts

x10, back & forward

Lateral Pelvic Tilts 

x10, side to side

Hip Circles (small)

x10 clockwise, x10 anti-clockwise


Hip Circles (Large)

x5 each direction

Lateral Hip Hinge With Reach

x10, alternating sides

Lateral Spine Glide 

x10, alternating sides

Spinal Flexion and Extension

(x10, forward & back)

Arm Screws

x10, alternating

Arm Circles 

x10 clockwise, x10 anti-clockwise

'Paint the Fence'

x10, up & down


Wrist circles 

x5 clockwise, x5 anti-clockwise

Lateral Spine Reach

x10, alternating sides

Forward Leg Swing


Lateral Leg Lift


Knee circles

x6 clockwise, x6 anti-clockwise

Ankle Point & Flex

x10 up & down


Ankle Rolls

x10 clockwise, x10 anti-clockwise

Day 1: Lower Body Focus:

MOVEMENT PREP - 3 ROUNDS [minimal rest in between rounds]


1) Alternating Kneeling Mountain Climber (30 Seconds)

Get onto all fours and straighten your spine, rolling your shoulders down and back, engaging your scapulas. lift one knee up to meet with your armpit. Actively push into your armpit and lengthen your spine, protracting your pelvis. Put the knee back and continue to alternate sides.


2) Chest Loaded Hinge (30 Seconds)

Stand hip distance apart holding a light kettlebell by the handles, with the base of the bell placed onto your mid-section. Hinge at the hips to 90°, squeezing the glutes throughout (you should feel this in your hamstrings), whilst keeping a straight back and proud chest. Pause at 90°, then use your glutes to bring you back up to standing. Make sure that you don't overextend your back on the way up. Repeat.

3) Squat to Sprawl (30 Seconds)

Lower yourself into a bodyweight squat, jump down onto your hands-arms straight-similar to a cobra position, and sprawl your legs out with control (knees touching the floor-do not slam them down!), slightly wider than hip distance apart. Jump back up into a low squat, then stand tall and repeat.


PRIMARY CIRCUIT - 4 ROUNDS [1 minute rest in between rounds]

1) Double Kettlebell Swings (10 Reps)

2) Double Kettlebell Racked Squats (8-10 Reps)
Start in a racked kettlebell position. Squat down with a straight spine. As you lift, start to rotate & begin to press one bell in the opposite direction (right arm presses to the left). Bring it back to a racked position, squat again, then repeat with the other arm.

3) Alternating Shinbox Extention with Hip Flexor Stretch (12 Reps)

Sit down with your knees bent up, straight spine, drop both knees down (both facing the left), whilst trying to keep the same distance as when you had your knees up. From here twist your body around to the left side also,  Bring your body

back to the starting position (knees lead) then go again to the opposite side

SECONDARY CIRCUIT - 4 ROUNDS [ 1 minute rest in between rounds]

1) Double Kettlebell Staggered Stance Deadlift (6-8 Reps/Leg)

2) Racked Dragon Lunge Step Up (5 Reps/Leg)

3) Bear Squats (10 Reps)

FINISHER - 4 Rounds [1 Minute Rest in between Rounds]

1) Kettlebell Swing to Goblet Squat (30 Seconds on, 10 Seconds rest before next exercise)

2) Rotational Med ball Slams (30 Seconds on, 10 Seconds rest before next exercise)

3) Loaded Beast to Front Kick Thru x2 (30 Seconds on, 10 Seconds rest before next exercise)


1) Shinbox Switch with Twist (4 Reps, alternating)

Sit down with your knees bent up, straight spine, drop both knees down (both facing the left), whilst trying

to keep the same distance as when you had your knees up. From here twist your body around to the left side also, and stretch

out your arms on the floor and take a few deep breaths. Bring your body up again to a straight spine, then lift your knees up and switch directions.

2) Floor Scorpion (4 Reps, alternating)

Lay on your front with your arms out to the side, kick one foot up and take it over the opposite leg until the toe taps the floor. Try to keep your hips as close to the floor as possible to create opposition. Breath deeply, then bring that foot back over and switch legs.

3) 90/90 Switch (4 Reps, alternating)


4) Crab Reach (6 Reps, alternating)

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Photography By William Smith | Videography By Gurbir Nakhwal