(Phase II)

When it comes to optimizing your overall wellbeing and wanting to improve your Athletic Performance,

Nutrition is vital.

70:30 is the ratio showing the importance of nutrition over exercise when wanting to become fit and healthy. This is exactly why we want to make sure that you're getting the most out of your training by optimizing your nutrition.

We believe that longevity cannot be achieved, and you cannot perform at your highest unless your nutrition is optimized.

We do not believe in quick fixes or 'one diet fits all', as everyone's nutritional needs are different.

we know that eating clean whole foods, without the addition of processed sugars, dairy, and gluten, eliminating the need for calorie counting and extreme, unnecessary dieting.

Changing habits can be difficult, and even making simple swaps with foods can be tough. That's why we use these foundation guidelines to start with, allowing you to break bad habits in SiX weeks and in turn, make healthier ones.

You will be surprised at the difference you will feel after just SiX weeks by following the Phase SiX Basic Nutritional Guidelines.


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