Steph is the co-creator of Phase SiX, with her husband, Jay Rose. She is a Kettlebell and Mobility specialist, and combines these two practices in order to build a perfect balance of strength and body awareness. 

For Steph, correct movement and nutritional optimisation are the two key components to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Without these two elements living in harmony, we would cease to achieve our greatest potential.

 Her background has been a relatively active one, consisting of Steph participating in many sports, including the likes of

Cross-Country Running, Swimming, Track Sprints, and Martial Arts (previously a black belt in Karate, and currently practicing Kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu).

Much of Steph's education stems from the Onnit education system, where she learned from the likes of Shane Heins and John Wolf - two true pioneers of Unconventional Training, as well as training with and learning the skill-set of some of the greatest coaches, athletes, and innovators, such as Cameron Shayne, Khalid Ismail, and Mauricio Gomes.

Being able to move well, and with ease for the rest of her life is Steph's main goal, thus explaining her great passion for Longevity Training with a major focus on mindset and wellbeing.

Steph will forever be a student, and is constantly searching for new ways to improve herself and others, making sure that everyone can get the most out of their training/practice.

"Hips are our primary source of power,  therefore they need to stay mobile, strong & healthy. If you want to move better & get stronger,

you have to start with the hips. Practicing daily mobility drills, slowly & with control, will train your muscles to tolerate the movements, ensuring they stay healthy & as functional as possible. 

This will prevent any injury through weight lifting or day-to-day activities, whilst maximising your flexibility."


Steph Rose

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90/90 Switch to Shinbox Extension

Start by sitting down with your knees bent, and your feet wider than hip-width apart. Drop both knees to one side at a 90 degree angle. Start to rotate your torso towards the knee that is closest to you. From here, bring your legs closer together, so that one foot is in line with your other knee (Shinbox), Lift yourself into Extension, with your pelvis tucked, and then lower yourself with control (without tipping forwards). Lift both knees and then switch sides.

  • 6 Reps, alternating sides


Bodyweight Split Squat

Go into a wide lunge (Front leg-flat foot, back leg-on your toes), feet hip distance apart.  Inhale and lower yourself as far forward over the front foot as your mobility allows, preferably until the back knee touches the floor, and then engage, engage your core, draw your shoulders down and back, stay tall through the spine.  On a exhale push through your front foot, squeezing the glutes and engaging your core to stabilise as you come up to a standing wide lunge (back foot should still be on your toes). 

  • 6 Reps/Side


Deep Sumo to Knee Drop

From standing, lower yourself into a Deep Sumo Squat, staying tall through the crown, pushing the knees outwards. Inhale and drop one knee carefully to the floor, allowing the hip to rotate and roll onto the inside of your foot, Exhale and lift it back into position. Inhale and repeat on the opposite side, and then engage your core and glutes to push yourself back up to standing.  It is important that you maintain a tucked pelvis throughout, as this will keep your spine vertical.

  • 4-6 Reps

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