Jay is the Co-Creator of Phase SiX, with his wife, Steph Rose. He specialises in Kettlebell & Steel Mace Coaching.


Jay has an undeniable passion for Functional and Unconventional Training. He loves to train with kettlebells, steel mace, battle-ropes & animal locomotion practice on a daily basis, as well as being a practicing BJJ, and is constantly inspired by individuals who have a similar skill set.


Jay is truly dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals by sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for a more functional way of training, whilst encouraging a happier & more balanced lifestyle.

Jay is a innovator for fitness,  and is well-known for his BJJ-inspired workouts using a Steel Mace or a Kettlebell, making it a game changer for any athlete.  Jay not only shows the positive effects exercise has on your own physical and psychological well-being everyday, but can also provide you with an appreciation for what our bodies and minds can achieve when given the correct tools and mindset.

Jay's vision and attention to detail with branding is the reason behind the success of Phase SiX today.

Jay's mission for Phase SiX has always been something more than just a fitness brand, but more of a multi-media company. 

He loves to interview other like-minded sports professionals, or pioneers within their individual fields, helping showcase them

spreading awareness and positivity within their communities.




Conventional V's Unconventional Training


we believe that functional & unconventional training methods are the most beneficial ways in which to train.


Functional Fitness is on the rise as people are starting to notice the benefits quitting the machines & learning how to use their bodies correctly, as well as other equipment instead.


Conventional training such as barbells & dumbbells enable the body to build muscle & definition, however, we believe that there are many unconventional training methods being extremely under-utilised. For example:


Kettlebells - Indian Clubs - Steel Clubs - Sledgehammers - Battle Ropes - Steel Mace


All of the above equipment allows you to gain extreme functional fitness, strength & conditioning with the use of ballistic movements (maximum velocity muscle contraction), resulting in reduced monotonous hours on the cardio machines & lat pull-downs, meaning less recovery time needed until your next training session.

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Double Kettlebell Bridge Press

Lying on your back with your knees bent holding a kettlebell in a Racked position in each hand, bridge by pushing through the hips. Your upper back and shoulders should still be resting on the floor, whilst your glutes, lower and middle back are peeled off. Hips should be in line with your knees, and no higher (back should not be arched). Push through the feet and glutes to stabilize yourself. Once in a stable position, press both bells straight up in front of you. Make sure you focus on a slow negative on the way down. Stay in the bridge position and repeat.

  •  6-8 Reps


Double Kettlebell Gorilla Row

Place two Kettlebells in between your feet (you should be slightly wider than hip distance apart), get into your silver back stance (straight spine, bent at the knees, shoulders back, proud chest). On your next exhale, lift and pull one bell up and back towards your hip (elbow follows the line to your hip bone). Try not to let your whole body fall to that side. Stay slow and controlled, maintaining your strong structure as you start to lower the bell back down with control, and then switch sides and repeat.

  • 6-8 Reps, alternating sides


Med Ball Flow

Med Ball Slam > Step Through > Twisting Lunge > Standing

  • 30 Seconds

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