Head Kettlebell Coach



Jay is the Co-Founder of Phase SiX, specialising in Kettlebell Coaching.


He has an undeniable passion for Functional and Unconventional Training. Jay loves to train with kettlebells, steel mace, battle-ropes & animal movement practice on a daily basis, and is constantly inspired by individuals who have this skill set. He is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals by sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for a more functional way of training, whilst encouraging a happier & balanced lifestyle.

After discovering ONNIT Gym with his partner, Steph Rose, they both put their passion for learning to good use. They attended all the available certifications in order to gain as much knowledge on Functional and Unconventional Training as they possible could, so that they can help to spread the message of training with intent and purpose to a wider audience, whilst adding their own twist along the way! ONNIT has played a massive role in the evolution of Phase SiX, and they are both eternally gratefull fot their education system.


Jay not only shows the positive effects exercise has on your own physical and psychological well-being everyday, but can also provide you with an appreciation for what our bodies and minds can achieve. This, in turn will put you on the path to achieve your person fitness aspirations.


"Kettlebells are designed for all-around fitness versus isolate muscle development.

The weight distribution of the cast-iron bell requires more energy to balance & stabilise the weight during training, making kettlebells the ideal type of training for people who really want to challenge themselves and their muscles."


[4 rounds, 60-90 seconds rest in between rounds]

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Squat Sprawl to Kick Thru x2

Lower yourself into a bodyweight squat, jump down onto your hands-arms straight-similar to a cobra position, and sprawl your legs out with control (knees touching the floor-do not slam them down!), slightly wider than hip distance apart. Kick through to the right, then kick through to the left. Jump back up into a low squat, then stand tall and repeat.

  •  12 Reps


KB Flow:

Double Kettlebell Push Up

Double Kettlebell Deadlift

1-Arm Clean & Squat

.Strict Press

[1 Rep]

Repeat on the other side

  • 6-8 Reps, alternating sides


Active Recovery Flow

Bacward Shoulder Roll

Kick Thru x2

Forward Shoulder Roll

  • 30 Seconds

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