One of the most frequently asked questions that we get is "where do I begin?".

Our personal advice is to jump right in! You'll never know what you need to work on until you try the movements. Theres no point holding yourself back and putting yourself in that 'beginners box', so you never try anything that looks 'too hard'.

We always say that if you're wanting to get into flow-based movements, then you have to start with the basics, and that means owning each movement before piecing them together (that will come at a later date).

So I have put together three of our favourite introductory movements to practice in order to build your strong foundation and increase your mobility whilst you're at it!


The Shinbox is a classic and one of our all-time favourite drills for unlocking/strengthening the hips. It also works both internal and external rotation of the hip at the same time, allowing the body to move through its ranges of motion.

It is perfect for transitioning into different movements, plus, the variations are endless!

Lets break it down!

Start in a seated position with both knees bent and maintaining a straight spine. Drop both knees down, toes touching and in line with the knee, whilst trying to keep the same distance as when you had your knees up. Turn your torso to face the direction of your knees, keeping your hips still. Reverse the movement and drop both knees to the opposite side and repeat.

From Shinbox, push up onto your knees with your legs still in the Shinbox position (extension) and squeeze your glutes, tucking your pelvis. Sit back down into the Shinbox without your torso leaning forward, turn your torso back to facing forward, bringing the knees back up switching over to the right side.

From the Shinbox Extension, place one arm on the floor to stabilise you, reaching your other arm up and over your head. Replace the arm, and bring yourself back into a Shinbox Extension, and with control lower back into a Shinbox and repeat on the other side.

[Try 2-3 sets of 6-8 Reps, rest as needed]


The Mountain Climber is a great way to gain strength and mobility at the same time, whilst also providing a great dynamic stretch for the hips, calves, and hamstrings.

You can either slow down this movement to focus on strength (recommended at first), or you can speed up the movement to challenge your conditioning.

Follow the steps below to improve your form and technique!

Start sitting back on your heels with your arms stretched out in front of you. Lift and bend the right leg, placing the foot outside of your right hand (your shoulder should be touching and in line with your knee), with the opposite leg extended behind you whilst actively trying to straighten the knee, creating a stretch in your hip flexor and hamstring. Make sure that your back is straight and your pelvis is un tucked so that your spine doesn't round. Your shoulders should be down and back, away from your ears, and your chest proud. Return the foot so that you’re in a Plank position, and then sit back on your heels and repeat on the opposite side.

REMEMBER: You want to be aiming for a straight line by owning the position to maximise the strength + mobility gains.

You may find that your back leg dips due to flexibility, which is ok, so long as you actively push the back heel towards the ground. By continuing to do this, over time, you will gain the mobility to achieve that straight line.

NOTE: As illustrated on the last slide, we avoid lifting the arm up at the end of the movement, as we have found it does not provide any additional benefits in gaining additional strength, speed, balance or mobility and seems to be used solely for theatrics.

We have found by lifting the arm up it often breaks the foundation, as well as cause unnecessary rotation, which over time may cause a dysfunctional movement pattern.

[Try 2-3 sets of 10 Reps, rest as needed]


The Step Through is another one of our all-time favourite movements and although it gained popularity through “animal” based movement practices, the Step Through origins can be traced back to the warm ups, solo drills and movement prep of many forms of Martial Arts and combat sports, more specifically a variation can be found being performed in Jiu Jitsu and wrestling!

The Step Through is not so easy to perform and master. Engaging the core and maintaining proper stability through the exercise are only a few of the important steps to keep in mind during this exercise, which will really test your bodyweight strength, coordination, and balance.

Start by sitting back on your heels with both arms reaching out in front of you. Engage the scapulas by drawing your shoulders down and back, knees slightly off the ground and under the hips.

Bend the left leg and bring it up to the outside of your left arm (your shoulder should be in line with your knee), keeping your hips and shoulders square to the front, head in line with the spine, with the opposite leg extended behind you, creating a stretch in your hip flexor and hamstring (keeping the leg as straight as possible). Make sure that your back is straight.

Once the knee meets the arm, lift the back leg and take it through (in line with your chest), ‘Stepping Through’ to the front, lifting the same arm as the leg comes through, extend the leg horizontal to the floor, toes flexed (not pointed), hip in line with your stabilising arm, shoulder should be stacked on top on arm/hand with the opposite arm drives back (like you’re elbowing someone behind you) with a clenched fist pulling in the opposite direction.

Replace that leg back behind you into the Mountain Climber position, come back to a loaded position, and then repeat with the opposite leg.

As you can see in the diagram above, we like to maintain our strong structure by avoiding 'breaks' in form like bent elbows or rounding of the spine. Try to picture an 'L' shape, making sure that your stabilising hand is close to your hip.

[Try 2-3 Sets of 6-8 Reps, rest as needed]

There is of course no one right way of doing things, but we believe that these methods are a great place to start if you're looking to build strong foundations and progress from there.

I hope that this has given you somewhere to start and something to work on! Remember not to be discouraged if at first you do not succeed. Consistency and repetition is the key to achieving your goals.

Start by incorporating these three movements into your every other day/daily practice, whether you use them to warm up before your main session, use them as your active recovery in between heavy sets, or on your days off to stay mobile and strong :)

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Thanks for reading!

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Looking back over a few years I can see that the major changes to my overall awareness and mental attitude came down to reading books. There were a few specific books that literally changed my life, opened my mind to the power of my subconscious, and taught me how I could create the life that I wanted.

It actually started with the book 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne a few years back, which introduced me to the Law of Attraction. At this point in time I was working in retail (and had been for around 5 years), hated it, but I always knew that it was just a 'stepping stone' to what I should really be doing (at the time I was unsure of exactly what that was, but believed it all the same).

Not too long after reading this book, Jay had just completed a personal training course (which made us realise just how bad the physical education was in the UK!), and as I had recently qualified as a Nutritional Therapist, we decided to go ahead and quit our jobs, get a loan, move to Australia to settle down with dogs (not kids), and start a company of our own!

As our decision was (as always) very spontaneous, many people couldn't quite believe it, and we could tell that they thought we would fail during the process. We certainly weren't the type of people who let others opinions change our own, so we went ahead, not really knowing what would happen, but we knew it was the right decision and were extremely excited about what could happen.


Getting out of the UK after living in London for 26 years was undoubtably the best decision that I had ever made. Even when you take regular holidays to many different parts of Europe, nothing compares to actually living somewhere else, especially that far away!

Staying on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia for 9 months made me realise that life didn't have to be like it was back in the UK. The sky seemed bigger, less claustrophobic, and blue! Being next to the ocean everyday and being surrounded by wildlife was total bliss. Unlike London, the daily noise would be from the Kookaburras, Cockatoos, Rainbow Lorikeets, and Galahs. I was also totally sold on the relaxed beach vibes and being able to walk barefoot pretty much anywhere (including the supermarkets). My favourite place in the entire world (so far) has got to be Noosa National Park, where we would see dolphins, Koalas, and Humpback Wales breaching in mid September/October.

For the entire 9 months living there, we weren't earning any money. We were living off some savings, a loan, and even having to ask parents for money here and there to buy our groceries! Not ideal. Even still, not once did we think we had made the wrong decision or reconsider going back to a 'real' job. This was not an option. We had to make it work.

We had visualised what we wanted our lives to be like; working together, doing something that we loved, living in a place we loved. So we continued to enjoy and trust in the process (just like the book says).

During this time we were really getting into unconventional training and experimenting with a more 'functional' approach to working out. The only problem was, there was no one around to learn from. Teaching ourselves Kettlebell techniques and flows from watching online videos was not ideal, but it sparked our passion for unconventional training and after months of planning, Phase SiX was born! (June 7th 2018.)

Shortly after, we realised that in order to be the best at what we wanted to do, we had to get more education and learn from some of the best. This meant changing our plans once more and taking a trip to the States, so we organised for our videographer to come along with us to document our next life-changing destination! (Check out our YouTube Highlights of our travels here!)


At this time we had a 'potential' investor who had been interested in our ideas and told us that he would be willing to invest in our trip to the US. So we started getting everything prepared and looked into flights etc, and set up meetings with everyone who we wanted to learn from.

It was coming up to a week before we had scheduled to leave Australia for the States, and we still hadn't heard back from the guy! We reached out once more to see if he's going to go ahead with the plans that we had presented him with, and to our disappointment, he replied with a "NO". For most people, this would have been a major set back, but no matter how upset we were, we knew that we had to get to the States.

"Every thought-seed sown or allowed to fall into the mind, and to take root there, produces its own, blossoming sooner or later into act, and bearing its own fruitage of opportunity and circumstance. Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bad fruit." James Allen - 'As a Man Thinketh'.

Fortunately, we were able to pull together the resources from different avenues to the fund our three month trip around the States. Ask and you shall receive! So we said thanks and goodbye to all that Australia had offered us, and packed our bags.


America is another destination that opened our minds to a life with no limits. We felt inspired and were able to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who believed in our mission and wanted to help us get there, without doubting whether or not we could do it.

After receiving certifications in multiple disciplines, and spending time with individuals who have mastered their crafts, we now had enough information to pick and choose what knowledge we wanted to keep/discard, develop, and make into our own Phase SiX methods.

After 3 months of staying in multiple cities; New York, LA, Sacramento, and Austin Texas, we had truly fallen in love with the US, and this was were Phase SiX really took off, so we decided that this is where we wanted to be based. We even went back shortly after our visas had expired for an additional 3 months to further progress our skills and build our brand awareness.


To this day, Jay and myself believe that it was our clear vision of what we wanted to create and our passion for what we are doing that led us to being able to lead a life now which suits our un-conformist nature.

We are extremely grateful that we now get to travel the world and share our knowledge with others, and continue to have visualisation as part of our daily morning routines to help us get to the next part of our journey.

For now, our story is still evolving and we have big plans for 2021! Stay tuned on our social media pages for updates on where we'll be next!


Jay and I have countless success stories that involve the power of visualisation, but I just want to end on this particular true story that I always refer back to if ever I start to doubt things. If this doesn't make you believe in the power of visualisation and our subconscious mind, then I'm not sure what will...

Around 3 years ago I made the massive mistake of taking off my engagement ring in a gym changing cubical (Jay and I had just recently got engaged, and I was scared to get moisturiser on the ring...). I had an appointment that I was quite stressed out about and was in a rush to get there, so I got dressed quickly and left the gym.

We were about half way to the appointment when I suddenly looked down and realised that my ring was not on my finger! We raced back to the gym with me in tears, and I ran into the changing room hoping to see it still on the seat where I had left it. It wasn't.

We went straight home, Jay started calling every pawnbroker that he could find, asking whether someone had traded it or handed it in, whilst I printed out posters of my missing ring. It may sound a little dramatic, but this ring is special and has its own story.

Taking advice from the books that I had been reading (see below for list), I wrote a letter (to myself), pretending to be the person that had found my ring, asking me to meet them to collect it (there is method in my madness) and I hung it up near my bed so that I could see it every night before I go to sleep and first thing when I wake up. This was all happening around the time that we were planning to leave for Australia, and I couldn't go there without it!

After a month of being distraught and feeling extremely guilty, I was at the gym and received a call. It was one of the pawnbrokers who Jay had contacted previously. "We think we may have found your ring, but we're not sure it's yours, so you'll have to come into the shop". We drove straight there and to our delight, there it was! Apparently a girl had traded it in for £50!?

The strangest thing was, the girl who had stole my ring got in contact with us shortly after and wanted to meet up. We thought this was pretty strange, but went ahead and met with her anyway. She came with her baby and apologised, saying that it was her boyfriend who kept her from handing it in. We weren’t sure what to believe but I was in a forgiving mood as I was just happy to be reunited with my ring.

A few days later we were in a local supermarket, and I remember Jay who was down another isle, came rushing up to me "you'll never guess who's here... That girl who stole your ring and her boyfriend". The universe had obviously brought us together for a reason, and I believe that reason was closure. Since the meeting with her, it left us feeling like they were let off too easy after the amount of upset that we had been put through. So here it was. After talking to her boyfriend about why he did it, and leaving him with some advice, we walked away and got on with our day.

Moral of the story, if you want something bad enough and truly believe that you can have it, and see yourself with it. Then you will get it. It could take days, weeks, months, or even years, but it will come.

As for my ring, it hasn't left my finger since and is now my constant reminder of the infinite power of visualisation.


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy

Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle

Thank you for reading! I hope that you enjoyed this post and I hope that it has given you inspiration to continue your journey to obtain your chief aim in life.

Please like and share with those who may find this useful :)

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Nutrition is 70% accountable for our successful training and healthy weight loss, so it's no wonder that "what do you eat?" always comes up in conversation.

So here's a little intro as to how I got into nutrition, my stages of obsessive healthy eating, and what is working for me now!


After receiving my diploma in Nutritional Therapy back in 2016, I was filled with a mixture of excitement and frustration. Excitement because I had just been given three years worth of knowledge and I couldn't wait to tell the world, and frustration because not everyone wanted to hear it! (Lesson 1 learned: just because you're passionate about it, doesn't mean that everyone else is.)

Like most people when they discover the answers to many questions, I was extremely enthusiastic about this new knowledge and wanted to make sure that I not only 'talked the talk', but 'walked the walk' too. So much so, that I became slightly obsessed and very strict about my food intake.

It's probably worth mentioning that whilst I was eating this way, I was also becoming obsessed with training and going to the gym pretty much 6-7 days a week!

My workouts back then were a lot different from how I currently train and consisted of 5k runs on the machine (very boring), 20 minutes on the rower, 10 minutes on the stepper, and so on...

Definitely not the perfect diet for cardio-based training.

As a result, I was extremely lean/slim, around (10% body fat), which resulted in amenorrhea and some seriously bad moods, as well as being an absolute nightmare to take to a restaurant. Building muscle was also an issue, as I was obviously eating into whatever gains I had made (as well as not training correctly in the first place!).

As I continued to research/further my knowledge about nutrition and experiment with what food works for me, I was also becoming familiar with 'functional' and unconventional training (blog coming soon!).

This is where I realised I needed complex carbs in my life, so I started to incorporate sweet potatoes, butternut squash, brown rice etc. into my daily meals to provide my body with that little extra energy.

Allowing myself to consume more carbs (although it took a little getting used to) was a massive relief, and the unnecessary stress that I had inflicted on myself from such restrictions had gone. As we know, stress of any kind is detrimental to mental and physical health, so in my attempt to be super healthy, I was going against what I was 'preaching' about in the first place!


Fast forward to the present, and although I am still continuously learning and adapting, I can say with confidence that what I learned three years ago, that nutritional optimisation is different for each individual and that nutrition should be a lifestyle and not a diet, still runs true.

My advice to those who are starting to get into health and fitness, or athletes who want to optimise their training, is to cut the 'crap', seek healthy alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth (see below for some of my favourites!), and focus on nutrient-dense foods. For example, ask yourself "Is this providing my body with the nutrients it needs? Or am I just consuming 'empty' calories?''.

You'll find that switching out processed/ready-made foods and replacing them for clean whole foods leaves plenty of room for additional veggies, which due to their nutrient density and fibre, leave you feeling fuller and satisfied for longer.

Looking back, when I wasn't eating many carbs, I was hungry all the time and always looking for snacks. Now I have three solid meals a day consisting of:

Organic Meats (mostly chicken, in small amounts)

Healthy Fats (avocado, flax, nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, olives...)

Complex Carbs (sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, butternut squash, gluten-free oats...)

Lots of Vegetables & Pre-Biotics- especially the leafy green kind and brassicas! (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, chard, courgette, asparagus, onion, garlic...)

I truly believe that a diet similar to this is the key to maintaining a healthy weight, instead of continuously trying out new fads.

I still avoid dairy, gluten and refined sugars, as they are inflammatory foods and interfere with my recovery and overall wellbeing, as well as contribute to brain fog and are usually the cause of that 3 pm dip in energy, making you reach for that pick-me-up snack.


Being a creature of habit, I always make sure that I have some raw cacao (at least 70%) after lunch and I am also a big fan of kombucha which I'll have every other day.

I sometimes snack in between meals if I've trained hard that day, which usually consists of a couple of rice cakes with peanut butter. Nothing crazy, as I like to make sure that I get everything I need in my main meals. I almost always finish my day with a Turmeric Latte (see below for my favourite) with plant-based almond milk with added collagen powder for that extra creamy texture!

Berries are also my go-to snack (mainly in the summer, when I fancy them the most), as they're jam-packed with antioxidants. Some of the highest on the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale are:

Acai Berry





Whether you eat meat or you're vegan, personally I still believe that getting your protein from whole foods within your meals should be your main priority.

Having the odd protein shake here and there is totally fine if you want to increase your intake without having to make extra meals all the time, just remember, any excess protein that isn't utilised turns to sugar, and then to fat (usually the type that loves to hang around your mid-section). So if you're on some kind of high protein diet and you're wondering why you're not losing weight, it's most likely due to the fact that you're consuming too much protein or not doing enough exercise to balance it out.

The typical amount of protein that you should aim for with each meal is around 30g (minimal) for those who train regularly.

I personally tend to have a shake in the morning if I'm training early, and I'll only ever use clean, dairy-free, sugar-free protein powders with plant-based milk. If I'm not training, I prefer to start the day with an omelette with sautéed veggies and half an avocado.

As for meat consumption, my personal views are to make sure that you're being mindful with your food and where you're buying your meat from, by getting it from a good source (organic, grass-fed, free-range, local farms/butchers), and consuming less of it.


As an athlete, I am definitely a fan of supplementation. Unfortunately, It is extremely hard to get the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals from our foods today, due to modern intensive agricultural methods which have stripped increasing amounts of nutrients from the soil.

It is also a fact that athletes require more than the RDA (so do most of the population) of vitamins and minerals due to the extensive exercise which requires more antioxidants to mop up the oxidative stress caused by working out (working out is a major form of stress on the body, even though it's positive).

Some of my favourite supplements for pre and post-workout are L-Carnitine, Antioxidant Complex, L-Glutamine, and Bovine Collagen Power to combat oxidative stress, help to repair the tissues/muscles and get nutrients back into my body (see below for my favourite brands).

As for daily supplementation, I will always take a good quality, high-dose multi-vitamin, Vitamin D for those dark winter months, and CBD for end of day relaxation and winding down for the night.

Disclaimer: I must stress that this is my personal supplementation and it doesn't mean that it will work for everyone as we all have different needs :)

If you think you could do with some extra supplementation, I would suggest seeking out advice from a Nutritional Therapist or getting your blood tests done before continuing, because too much is just as bad as not enough!


Ombar Raw Cacao

Love Chock Raw Cacao

Pana Organic Ice Cream

Vega Protein Powder

Pukka Organic Turmeric Gold Latte

Rude Health Almond Drink (for turmeric latte)

Plenish Cashew Milk (for shakes)

Cured Nutrition CBD Caps & Oil (use the code: PHASESIX for 10% off)

Ancient & Brave Collagen Powder

Alpha Guard Antioxidant Complex

I hope that you found this useful or at least gave you an insight into my personal nutrition habits.

If you liked this article please share with friends and be sure to leave a comment as to what topics you would like us to cover next!

Stay tuned for more blogs about our training methods, how to get started, recovery, mobility, the benefits of visualisation, + many more!

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