A revolution, by definition, is a significant change that occurs in a short period of time. In order to create a revolution, you must UNITE people around one shared purpose. 

Phase SiX combines primaeval techniques alongside conventional and unconventional training methods to provide you with a strong holistic foundation, from which you will thrive both physically and mentally.

Our approach to total physical and mental optimisation can be broken down into SiX phases:

Phase One Functional Training

Phase Two  Nutritional Optimisation

Phase Three Primal Movement

Phase Four Mobility

Phase Five Agility

Phase SiX Longevity

It is time to train with intent and purpose.






7 JUNE 2020

In this 4-hour workshop coached by the founders of Phase SiX, Steph and Jay Rose, you will be provided with in-depth knowledge to become proficient in Bodyweight and Primal Movement patterns as well as how to combine these movements into flow.


Over the course of the event, which will also have a huge emphasis on longevity training, you will achieve a greater understanding of the fundamental principles in order for you to create a solid foundation that will work to improve your mobility, flexibility and durability.


It is time to perform at your highest potential, train more efficiently and move with intent and purpose.


This workshop is suitable for all levels and is ideal for movement enthusiasts and BJJ fanatics looking to take their game to a whole new level.

Conventional V's Unconventional Training

we believe that functional & unconventional training methods are the most beneficial ways in which to train.

Functional Fitness is on the rise as people are starting to notice the benefits quitting the machines & learning how to use their bodies correctly, as well as other equipment instead.

Conventional training such as barbells & dumbbells enable the body to build muscle & definition, however, we believe that there are many unconventional training methods being extremely under-utilised. For example:


Indian Clubs


Battle Ropes

Steel Mace

All of the above equipment allows you to gain extreme functional fitness, strength & conditioning with the use of ballistic movements (maximum velocity muscle contraction), resulting in reduced monotonous hours on the cardio machines & lat pull-downs, meaning less recovery time needed until your next training session.

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